Debating euthanasia with facts

Debating euthanasia with facts

Rebecca Soares

I want a real debate on euthanasia. Let us debate, just so long as the following facts are not ignored.

* Legalised euthanasia creates a dangerous imbalance in the doctor-patient relationship where the doctor can end the life of a patient.

* Patients can be misdiagnosed, mistakenly denied rightful treatment, and even subjected to unethical practice or wrong treatments at the hands of medical professionals.

* In a culture where euthanasia is legal, patients have the unnecessary and unhealthy psychological burden of having to consider whether they should go on living.

* Legalised euthanasia says in effect to society that suicide is all right if you are in pain, yet this is the exact opposite message to that which governments, educators, therapists and youth workers are trying to reinforce in society.

Year 10, Our Lady of Mercy
Heidelberg, Vic

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