Debate needed

Debate needed

Fr Bernard McGrath

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has raised the important issue of our population growth.

By 2060 we could have a population of 35 million, but with far fewer people of working age to support the retired and needy, from a ratio of 5:1 retired today to 2.7:1 retired then.

Migration alone, with its difficulties, can never solve this problem, which is mainly due to our birth rate - much lower than needed for natural growth and replacement.

We badly need a national debate on this matter, but politicians and media evidently will not face it.

Is it because they fear the screams of the feminists and libertarians claiming a woman's 'right' to kill her unborn child?

No one has the 'right' to do an evil contrary to natural law - to lie, to steal, to kill, etc. This is self- evident to all decent people.

The unborn child has all the genes at conception it will ever need for full development, and its right to life is prior to any other claims of 'rights' to choice or convenience.

The pressures of politically active feminists (Emily's List) and other secular humanists to legalise the killing of the unborn (even to near-birth as in Victoria) leads to bad law.

Instead of a culture of life based on the rights and duties of all in a civilisation of justice and love, the secularists want a 'society' based on greed, lust, free choice, and the power of the dominant social group.

Feminists want a new type of totalitarianism.

Eighty-seven percent of all Australians believe we should reduce the number of abortions, and 98 percent think women should, at least, be advised of the health risks (physical, emotional and mental) involved with abortions.

This is all well documented and we badly need to debate the matter in our collapsing civilisation.

Bendigo, Vic

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