De facto relationships (letter)

De facto relationships (letter)

Deirdre Lyra

Following the difficulties a woman faced claiming her share of entitlements on the breakdown of her relationship, the West Australian newspaper (26 April 2001) reported the need for "a law change to bring Western Australia into line with other States."

I hope our legislators are capable of thinking for themselves and give due consideration to the long term consequences of such a change. The Australian Family Association President, John Barich, said the move was an attack on the institution of marriage. Undoubtedly correct.

Marriage essentially involves the responsibility and commitment of a man and a woman, often with a ceremony and public witness recognised by law. De facto and other relationships are of a casual nature with no legal bonds. "Partners", not "spouses", are free to change at whim, akin to the animal world. No wonder our so-called civilisation is falling apart?

The proposed WA legislation appears only to consider the gratification of the individuals involved. Has anyone considered the offspring of the changing partners and the ensuing complications of the unstable family life to which these children will be subjected? My heart goes out to these poor unfortunates suffering as a result of poor parenting.

This certainly will not help to build community.

Forrestfield, WA

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