Culture of life needed

Culture of life needed

Fr Bernard McGrath

Today, nearly all developed countries, 40 per cent of the world's population in 70 countries, produce more coffins than cradles because of their declining birth rates.

An anti-life contraceptive mentality has taken over in the West for selfish convenience, recreational sex has separated love-making from baby-making.

As predicted, contraception invariably leads to other behaviours which further lessen birth rates and even life-expectancy.

The loss of respect for life and motherhood leads to abortion, infanticide, sterilisation, infidelity, divorce, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, assisted suicide, euthanasia and even imposed population controls in some countries.

Human life is becoming cheap and disposable, subject to design, to utility, and a use-by date like in animal breeding.

The natural laws of healthy human sexual behaviour have been deduced by philosophers, confirmed by common experience and scientific evidence, and lived out by many prosperous societies.

We defy these laws at our peril. No one can claim a "right" to deny the basic prior rights of natural law.

When love-making and baby-making (the unitive and procreative act) are separated, the full self-giving love and openness to new life are missing.

Anti-life behaviour and sexual perversions make a culture of death, and are literally wiping out societies in many countries across the world.

God bless all those married couples who enjoy living and loving generously open to new life. We badly need such families today for a prosperous culture of true love and life. If such families are celebrated and supported, we will have no more worries about declining birth rates.

Bendigo, Vic

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