Culture of life

Culture of life

Fr Bernard McGrath

Modern society cannot provide stability and a flourishing culture unless it is based on a solid morality. Our rational traditional heritage provides this basis in the time- honoured natural law on which the true rights of man, as outlined by the UN, are derived.

Many believe they have 'rights' to do as they will (without obvious harm) and will not accept the limits of natural law. In this relativism many so-called 'rights' soon predominate over duties to the common good and the protection of the weak and vulnerable. A dominant group or majority cannot decide morality - other-wise might becomes right.

Natural law is not an imposition of belief but the law of freedom in the nature of things. Those who reject it destroy the basis of their own rights. Would they defy the law of gravity?

Some would like to be social engineers and design a society under total human control as on an animal farm (eugenics). They regard human life as just another commodity subject to human decision about starting and finishing; about experimenting, manipulation or manufacturing.

These same people view personal sex as a 'recreation', and would separate baby-making from love-making by means of contraception, abortion and sterilisation. They regard unnatural sex, gay 'rights', perverted styles of marriage, parenthood and families as valid 'choices'.

The quality of human life, they claim, is to be judged by its usefulness, on cost-benefit checks and the emotional strain it causes; and a use- by date should decide the end for all life, as with farm animals.

Who is going to decide our use-by date?

May God save us from a headlong rush to selfish greed and lust - the culture of death. Better the life of respect and care for others, of the natural and decent ways of sex and true love for our health and happiness - the culture of life.

Inglewood, Vic

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