Cult (letter)

Cult (letter)

Wal Maggs

Local knowledge sometimes helps. I was amazed to see in your September 2001 issue a letter from Vic Hall, Helidon, Queensland. Since I come from the same town and am an ex-member of the same movement, I know that Vic Hall and his family still belong to the cult, the Magnificat Meal Movement (MMM), condemned by the local bishop, Bishop William Morris, on several occasions.

It is ironic that Vic Hall begins his letter speaking of "the incredible acts of disobedience to Christ's 'Vicar on Earth'." One of the MMM's recent teachings, via its founder Debra Geileskey, is that normal Catholic Masses are invalid and that those who attend them commit a mortal sin! Members of the sect now attend only Tridentine Masses celebrated by priests of the schismatic Society of St Pius X.

It is sad that good families, like the Halls, have become members of the MMM cult, still believing they are bona fide authentic members of the Catholic Church and can write to religious magazines like AD2000 as fellow members of the Body of Christ. It is not they who have erred from the true Church, they believe, but the rest of us, who flock to the same Mass as approved and celebrated by the Pope, John Paul II.

In my book, An End Times Tragedy, the sorry progress of this cult is examined. Distressed family members and friends often contact us here about those in the movement. The tragedy is that good Catholics are being led astray from the Church into this cult, where, without often realising it, they lose contact with the Catholic Church, their only true home. The latest sign of this is that they now bury their dead in the Helidon public cemetery, rather than attend a Catholic Funeral Mass and bury them in the Catholic cemetery nearby. They need our prayers.

Those wishing a copy of my book can write to me: Wal Maggs, 21 Plant Street, Helidon 4344, and enclose $10 (includes postage).

Helidon, Qld

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