Croatian appeal (letter)

Croatian appeal (letter)

Fr Zeljko Rakosec SJ

My name is Zeljko Rakosec and I am a Jesuit priest in Croatia. I am writing to you on behalf of the Jesuit Library in Zagreb. Presently we are struggling to recover from several decades of communist rule and likewise from the recent war through which we finally gained our independence. The suffering we endured has made us strong in faith but has left us devoid of the material infrastructure necessary to fulfil our important role in the evangelisation of God's people here in Croatia.

Our library is mainly used by students who study at either the Jesuit Faculty of Philosophy or the Institute of Theology. Our most urgent responsibility is to provide our students with the necessary literature in order that they may obtain knowledge of the highest possible standard.

Because of financial situation, we are currently unable to sufficiently improve the library's collection of books and journals. Could I possibly count on your kind assistance? I was wondering if you could put a little notice in your magazine about our library?

The Library of the Jesuit Faculty of Philosophy and Institute of Theology in Zagreb, Croatia, is in urgent need of book and journal donations. For additional information please contact: Fr Zeljko Rakosec, SJ, Jordanovac 110, pp 169 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. E-mail

Zagreb, Croatia

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