Creator's plan

Creator's plan

Clare Ryan

I was dismayed and very surprised to read Frank Mobbs' response to Anne Lastman's excellent article, " Humanae Vitae: Still prophetic after 45 years".

Dr Mobbs says that Mrs Lastman "has not shown any causal connection between the number of abortions and the practice of contraception". Yet it seems obvious to those who want to see that the huge increase in abortion is caused by the contraceptive mentality.

The act of sexual intercourse, designed by God, is both unitive and procreative. When these ends are thwarted countless evils are unleashed, one of them being the deaths of 40 million unborn babies each year.

Dr Mobbs also states that married love is quite compatible with the use of contraceptives. But can he explain why since the advent of the Pill, infidelity within marriage, broken families and divorces have all sky-rocketed?

Sexuality is at the very heart of the human person and its expression within marriage must follow the plan of the Creator. Because of our failure to follow this plan the world is being destroyed by a culture of death.

Jindera, NSW

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