Courageous lead (letter)

Courageous lead (letter)

Tom King

The courageous lead provided by Tony Abbott in placing on the public media agenda the shameful subsidising of wholesale abortion, that falls outside the parameters of medical and legal constraints, has floundered, because the Christian Churches are manifestly incompetent and disinclined to act as advocates for the slaughtered innocents.

In Queensland, the political and secular groups who profess a pro-life disposition are as usual not to be seen or heard. Will AD2000 readers initiate a public support drive aimed at funding the broadcasting of the TV documentary, My Foetus, which UK bishops and proactive Christians have so effectively utilised in recent months?

Your May 2004 article by Anthony Cappello is the stimulant we inactive pro-lifers needed. If this opportunity is neglected, we will join the host of accessories after the criminal betrayal of the 100,000 potential Australians, slaughtered with less regard than the livestock who satisfy our food requirements. Wake up Australian Christians!

Elanora, Qld

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