Courageous example

Courageous example

Raymond De Souza

The news that "US College loses Catholic label" (June AD2000) offered encouragement that at least some American Bishops are - finally! - starting to pull up their socks and do their job as guardians of the Faith. Marymount Manhattan College was formally dropped as a Catholic institution because it intended to give Senator Hillary Clinton an honorary doctoral degree.

Many American bishops seem to have forgotten that their mission is not only to act as priests in confecting sacraments, but also in teaching the fullness of Christ's doctrine to the people as well as guiding them through the power of governance that is inherent to the episcopate.

The removal of the title "Catholic" is indeed an excellent way to safeguard the faith of the people, especially the young, who are dropping out of the Church as they leave school at a rate of 95 per cent or more in Australia.

It is to be hoped that the Australian bishops will seriously consider following the courageous - and outstanding - example of their American counterparts, and remove the title "Catholic" from universities and high schools guilty of systematic failure in teaching Catholicism to Catholics.

It would be much better for all concerned if bishops were to inform parents that their children are enrolled in a private school, but no longer a Catholic one. In this way, at least, parents would no longer be deceived in continuing to pay for a Catholic education for their children - while getting none.

Let us pray for our bishops, our universities and high schools, so that they may always endeavour to do God's will.

Perth, WA

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