Courage of convictions

Courage of convictions

Robert Bom

It costs around $100,000 per year for the upkeep of a prisoner. Graham Preston is in jail for eight months. His crime was to stand in front of a Brisbane abortion clinic with placards, but not moving on, when told by police to do so.

Ironically, abortion is illegal in Queensland. Graham had no intention of paying a small fine imposed, regarding that as selling out on unborn babies and his wish to protect them. A fine paid is classed as admission of guilt.

The judge responded by imposing a manifestly excessive jail term.

The fine is believed to have been less than $2,000 whereas the cost of incarcerating Graham is many, many times that amount.

Queenslanders finish up paying dearly for what can be seen as a misdemeanour committed to draw attention to a situation that does not uphold legal, moral and ethical values.

Rockhampton, Qld

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