Courage Needed (letter)

Courage Needed (letter)

Frank Bellet

Although I agree with Fr John Speekman and Br Con Moloney's sentiments, concerning the problem of children, no longer genuinely connected with the Church, attending school Masses (AD2000 November and February), I do not agree that the substitution of a Liturgy of the Word is the answer.

The problem is not that they are attending Mass - which is a good thing - but rather that they are receiving Communion, when morally they have no right to do so. I know of one instance, where a non-Catholic girl, attending a school Mass, fronted up for Communion, took the consecrated host home in her pocket, somehow knew she shouldn't have, and ended up throwing it in the rubbish bin.

It is about time bishops and priests stood up for Christ and showed a bit of courage in this regard. They should tell non-Catholics and nominal Catholics at these Masses that they are not free to go to Communion. Compare the clergy's behaviour with that of the early martyrs.

Leading by example, Archbishop Pell would not give practising homosexuals Communion, when they publicly demonstrated against Church laws.

Petrie, Qld

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