Counter Reformation

Counter Reformation

Alan Barron

I read with interest John Morrissey's article "The Counter Reformation and the Jesuits" (September AD2000).

In my younger and more zealous years, as a Bible-believing Baptist, I would have hotly contested much of what John wrote. However, over the years I have mellowed somewhat. I have come to the conclusion that God is no respecter of persons, nor favours one denomination over another.

That is to say He is not interested primarily in Catholics or Protestants justifying their interpretation of history, or their understanding of various doctrines. Rather God wants all believers to live in harmony, peace and goodwill, working together to extend the love of Christ in the world, eschewing endless debates on theology; and, if possible, even loving one another as He, Christ, has loved us.

By doing so we prove to the world that indeed God is a God of love, and non-believers will be won over to the Kingdom of God by the love that believers show towards each other (irrespective of the denomination to which they belong).

Grovedale, Vic

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