Correction to last month's reflection on Baptism

Correction to last month's reflection on Baptism

John Young

I wish to draw attention to two points in my article "The importance of early baptism" in the August AD2000.

The first paragraph of the published article differs from my submitted typescript. What I wrote is that Catholics "are obliged to have the baptism 'within the first weeks'." The Code of Canon Law expresses an obligation; its words are: "Parents are obliged to see that their infants are baptised within the first few weeks" (canon 867.1).

Secondly, in column two, second paragraph, regarding the baby who dies unbaptised, what I wrote is: "... there is no good reason to think the child will ever see God face to face in heaven."

Melbourne, Vic

(Editor's note: These corrections have been applied to the online version of John  Young's August 2006 reflection on The importance of early baptism.

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