Convert (letter)

Convert (letter)

Jeff Harvie

I have been a convert to Catholicism since year 2000. The years have passed since my confirmation, with weekly Mass attendance. It was then that about six months ago I realised that there was a whole world of the Faith that I'd never been shown.

Let me list the areas: authority of the Pope; saints; Mary, as a very special and essential saint; the Rosary; Satan/Hell/Purgatory; Confession. These are the things that Protestants poke fun at us about.

I now pray the Rosary daily with my wife and children as the Pope says we should. Mary now has a special place in my heart and in my prayers, as Christ meant of her. We confess regularly. My children actually understand the Faith at last. And we wear the Brown Scapular.

But seemingly these subjects don't get discussed in our churches.

I attended St Joseph's Cathedral, Rockhampton, every week for four years, and never heard these topics discussed even once in homilies.

Christ's beloved Mother is considered so unimportant she doesn't rate even a few paragraphs in a homily. The International Year of the Rosary in 2002-2003 was never mentioned, so I knew nothing about it. Yet the Pope had decreed it, and called for a new vigour and devotion to the Rosary.

How do we manage to have priests who never say the Rosary, and some who even tell parishioners their time would be better spent chatting amongst themselves in the church before Mass?

I brought these issues up personally with my bishop who thanked me for my comments, but assured me that, whatever the problem was, it could not possibly be associated with what he or his priests were doing (or not doing). He even admitted to praying the Rosary himself sometimes when he was driving.

Rockhampton, Qld

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