Anne Lastman

The article by His Grace Archbishop Barry J Hickey of Perth (August AD2000) is excellent and clearly shows an overview of the problems which beset society.

However, I would like to zone in on to a specific area which he touched upon but which needs enlarging upon, namely, contraception. For it is the contraceptive mentality and abuse of sexuality which should be cited as the main demons. Whilst others might cite television, movies, games, wars, etc, the introduction of contraception was the seed which grew poisoned fruit.

The contraceptive pill intitiated into societal thought the idea that sexuality is a leisure time activity to be enjoyed by all, at will, in any manner, at any place, at any time, at any age and in any configuration. Some would say that the new liberal sexuality is good, that the repression of former years was damaging and better forgotten. I would argue that this is not the case. Today we have a condoned societal voyeurism which is so damaging that its effects will not be fully recognised for several more generations.

In my work (post abortion/ sexual abuse grief counselling) I hear sad stories which leave me trembling. I hear of abandonment, sexual abuse, abortions, drug abuse, pill taking, and rampant sexuality as young as pre- teens. I hear of mothers taking young daughters to "get the pill so I don't get pregnant".

Perhaps the common factor in most of the stories is the youthfulness of the speaker who is on the pill, and into active sexuality.

There is no knowledge of the sacredness of sexuality or of the holiness of life. Sexuality, it seems, has become almost bestial (just instincts), while no connection is made between the "pill" and rampant sexuality. In addition, there appears to be no understanding of the connection between too early sexual activity and emotional/ spiritual fatigue before the young reach their 21st birthday.

It is sad that there is no consciousness in the minds of the young and not so young that sexuality is a mature activity requiring maturity to process all that it encompasses. It does not seem to connect that when sexual integrity is violated, the imprint always remains.

The emergence of the pill, followed by rejection of Humane Vitae opened the door for the deep wounding of human intimacy, the slow erosion of values, marriage breakdown, easy divorce, abortion, and the introduction of all types of blended relationships.

Sexuality abused, whether by contraception, sexual abuse, abortion, and other forms of violence, results in societal illness, disintegration and possibly death.

My thanks to His Grace Archbishop Hickey for his comments.

Victims of Abortion (Aust)
Vermont South, Vic
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