Contraception is harmful

Contraception is harmful

Anne Lastman

I have often followed the debates between Dr Frank Mobbs and John Young in AD2000. Sometimes I have found myself agreeing with Mr Young and sometimes with Dr Mobbs. Now it is my turn to respond to Dr Mobbs regarding his comments about my article on Humanae Vitae (June AD2000).

If Dr Mobbs finds my reasoning that contraception is sinful difficult to follow, then there really isn't much to be discussed because he cannot see the wood for the trees. Contraception is a sin because in its intent it says "no" to God. It says, "God, you can be in charge of my life – even my finances, football team, and fishing. However, God, stay out of my bedroom. That area is between me and my wife." God is in control and the author of life. The very word contraception means "against life".

I maintain that rejection of Humanae Vitae by much of the Catholic population, the failure of the hierarchy and priests to teach on it, and the false theology and reason behind this failure, have led to the sexual chaos we are witnessing today.

When first proposed contraception was meant to be used by married couples in order to regulate family size or plan their family. Today, 80 years after the 1930 Lambeth Conference, 11- to 15-year-olds are given the pill or implanted with Implanon (a matchstick-sized contraceptive inserted under the skin of the arm) in order to avoid the effects of wanton sexual activity.

After contraception came the contraception mentality, then abortion when contraception was forgotten, and now abortion on demand to full term, that is, legal to 40 weeks. That is what contraception has done. This will also lead naturally to euthanasia.

My article did refer to Humanae Vitae's glowing account of marriage as "total love of husband and wife." Contraception says, "I want to do everything with you in bed but I don't want your child."

Dr Mobbs says, "no doubt there are cases where contraception does cause harm but the majority of cases would involve no harm to anyone." However, the World Health Organisation lists the pill as a top-level carcinogen – and young girls are put on it (or Implanon) because as soon as hormones start working it is assumed they will become sexually active. And that causes much harm.

I have counselled many a young girl (including 13-year-olds) who have had abortions and there is much harm done with the words often spoken: "Sometimes I forget to take it." As for my beliefs being exaggerated, I refer to a recent article for Zenit by Denise Hunnell, MD, about contraceptives and breast cancer – a real eye opener. It identifies areas where "much harm" arises from contraception.

Vermont South, Vic

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