Consecrated life (letter)

Consecrated life (letter)

Therese O'Rourke

I write in support of the letter "Consecrated life" (November AD2000).

The Holy Spirit does not very frequently inspire a member of the Church to found a new institute of consecrated life. However, He does do so sometimes and the resultant new groups are useful to the Church and contribute to its life. So, whoever the Holy Spirit chooses to receive the founding gift (charism) needs to be generous enough to co-operate with it despite the tremendous personal sacrifice which will almost certainly be involved.

According to Fr Elio Gambari SMM, in The Canonical Establishment of a Religious Institute, "The Holy Spirit Himself is judge of what can and ought to be established to fulfil the needs of the Church," and also of whom He chooses to promote the project and their circumstances.

Corio, Vic

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