Confession (letter)

Confession (letter)

Joe Slowiak

It was with great interest that I read the article by Fr Sebastian Camilleri OFM titled "St Francis on individual confession and receiving Holy Communion."

Fr Camilleri points out the lack of faith of Catholics in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the sacrilege of receiving Holy Communion when in a state of grievous sin.

Sadly, one must agree with Fr Camilleri. Many people are of the opinion that confession is necessary only when a grievous sin is committed and therefore confession does not apply to them, even though they may attend Holy Mass on only a few Sundays during the year.

After a while, the line between mortal and venial sins becomes blurred to such an extent that people regard themselves as "free" of mortal sin and consequently believe they have no need to go to confession.

Unfortunately, these days, the importance and necessity of regular confession is hardly ever mentioned by priests during their Sunday homilies. Many priests seem of the opinion that it is sufficient to indicate the times of confession in Sunday parish bulletins, even though few people may even read them.

Semaphore, SA

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