Condom use

Condom use

Tim Coyle

The correct response to an enquiry about sexual intercourse by male prostitutes and the use of prophylactics is advice that the person concerned should not be performing such acts because they are extremely dangerous. Recomending the use of a device such as a condom is even more dangerous because of the high failure rate of this device.

The enquirer may be referring to one single act, but the reality is multiple acts increasing the chances of failure to certainty. The "what if" student and journalist enquiries such as "wouldn't you rather be raped with a condom" are multiple, but bypass the basic truths such as, in this case, civil litigation and protection against such violence as rape.

The Holy Father should continue his comments that the promotions of condom devices are dangerous and make the situation worse because their use makes infection eventually inevitable because of their high failure rate and because the essential infectious act is that of extramarital and homosexual intercourse.

Woree, Qld

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