Kathleen Wood

In response to Robert Prinzen-Wood's letter (November AD2000), the contemporary magisterium of the Catholic Church no longer holds the view that women are unilaterally subject to men, and therefore does not include complementarity as one of the fundamental reasons given for upholding the fact that Jesus chose only men as his Twelve apostles.

This tradition interprets first and foremost a fact of sacred history, not judging what may be regarded as complementarity or even the biblical creation of male and female as dependent on the ordination of men only.

Further study and understanding of this profound matter should include a careful reading of the documents Ordinatio Sacerdotalis and Inter Insigniores, together with the book The Catholic Priesthood and Women by Sara Butler MSBT in order to read a splendid articulation of the Church's position on why the Catholic Church cannot ordain women.

Mandurah, WA

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