Peter Gilet

It seems to me that we have spent the last forty years reforming our liturgy with the assumption that we were rational beings merely doing the logical thing. In fact, in my view, as creatures of a cold and individualistic society, we have been driven by an unbalanced thirst for human community that has totally vitiated our efforts.

Instead of acknowledging that we needed psychiatric help, some sort of group therapy, parish programs like Grow to enable us to relate properly with each other, we have acted out our fantasies of a vibrant, warm faith community in a sort of cargo cult. If we go throught the motions and keep grinning and shaking hands, the Mass will provide us with what we want.

Naturally if anyone, particularly a hyper-conservative, questions this fantasy, he is hated with pathological intensity.

For that is what some of our current liturgy is. A pathology. Hopefully the new English translation will bring a generous amount of healing to our condition and we can get back to actually worshipping God in our Mass.

Albany, WA

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