Frank Bellet

It never ceases to amaze me how often the hoi polloi turn their thinking back to front when commenting on world events.

Take the recent visit to this country of former communist leader Mikhail Gorbachev and the letters to the editor praising this man for "bringing down" the Iron Curtain.

Perhaps this lack of accurate, analytical thinking is brought about by the West's discarding of the Ten Commandments as a basis for life, to be replaced by their own ten commandments, revolved around shallow politically correct nonsense. Consequently they can't detect right from wrong and wise from unwise.

Had they not heard of the efforts of Pope John Paul and President Ronald Reagan - the latter having outspent the Soviets in the arms race, plus Reagan's speech "Bring down that wall Mister Gorbachev"?

Crediting Gorbachev with defeating communism is like praising the English cricket team for their batting collapse, facing the Australian bowlers, which could deliver to Australia the Ashes.

Petrie, Qld

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