Common sense

Common sense

Maureen Federico

Should we be surprised? Tony Abbott recently made it on ABC National News regarding a personal interview with Women's Weekly in which he gave some sage advice to his daughters on how best to think for themselves in a world rapidly losing respect for all humanity and any sort of moral order at all.

What a breath of common sense and hope from a truly honourable member in our sea of jellyfish politics (not transparent ones at that). That takes real courage.

Now we have to consider that Tony is in a very precarious position with some of the more prominent 'nasties'. He is male, white, good-looking, fit, and of a suitable age and experience; however, he is also a married, committed Catholic and belongs to the other party which could pose a threat to the ever-smiling PM Rudd, who is so often shown on TV that I wonder if he has the spiritual gift of bi-location!

This scenario itself would be enough to drive the collective 'attack dogs', both political and media, into a frenzy and includes the despicable cartoons in the Melbourne Age.

Of course who ever said truth or common human decency should get in the way of sensational claptrap?

Tony will be a mighty affront to the ageing militant sisterhood who helped bring about the legalised killing of the unborn. Hence their priority now will be to emasculate any strong men in the public arena. They will latch onto and distort every word that Tony utters so they can pick up their bows and arrows and let him have it.

Frankston South, Vic

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