Climate propaganda

Climate propaganda

Recently, one of our grandchildren attending a local Catholic primary school showed me some of his Grade 3 project work. I was intrigued to see that among the topics was one about "global warming".

It was evident that the usual green propaganda on man-made climate change was being fed to impressionable young nine-year-olds incapable of grasping the complex factors involved in changes in climate.

It is bad enough that in some Catholic secondary schools a form of environmental "religion" (Eco-Theology) is being fed to students, but particularly disturbing that young Catholic children are effectively being inducted into the green movement.

Catholic teachers need to be honest about the climate situation, e.g., the lack of change in the world's average temperature since 1998. Or that a recent expedition to Antarctica of climate scientists seeking evidence of melting instead got trapped in the expanding ice and had to be rescued.

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