Climate change

Climate change

P.C. Wilson

Recently in the Catholic Leader (Brisbane), a representative of Caritas Australia, Kirsty Robertson, called on the Federal Government to give greater help to developing countries "in the grip of social trauma caused by climate change". She added: "No one is more affected than our neighbours in the Pacific, south Asia and the Torres Strait. The time for hesitation and inaction is over."

However, she provides no evidence to support her claim that "climate change is hurting families."

In fact, her assertion that islands like Kiribati are among those suffering is contradicted by a recent study quoted in New Scientist. This reveals that, rather than sinking, these low-lying atolls are growing, thanks to coral debris, land reclamation and sediment.

Caritas is, among its other activities, an aid agency receiving donations from its supporters.

Although there is no question of its good intent, one has to question its determination to weigh into an issue which is unproven and hotly contested.

Those who give money to Caritas must wonder if it is being wisely spent.

Gold Coast, Qld

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