Climate alarmists

Climate alarmists

P.C. Wilson

The behaviour of the 'Alarmists', noted by Michael Griffiths (March AD2000), should surprise no one.

As their cause sinks further into the mire, they are showing increasing signs of panic. Unable to sustain the argument, they resort to vitriol.

Thus the sceptics are variously labelled 'climate saboteurs' (British Energy Minister Miliband); 'deniers' (Julia Gillard); or the 'carbon Mafia' (Fr Charles Rue). And one gentleman in Britain has even suggested a war crimes tribunal be set up for those daring to disagree.

But the palm for abuse must go to the ABC science broadcaster Robyn Williams: 'Cowboys, misfits, the sons and daughters of Dr Goebbels.'

In London a certain Ms Polly Higgins wants the United Nations to declare 'ecocide' to be 'a crime against peace'; she believes it could be used to prosecute 'deniers'.

Pink batts supremo Peter Garrett avers that 'the science is settled'; Rudd's ETS economist Ross Garnaut is worried about 'agitators against the scheme, spreading disinformation'; and the chief high priest of warming, Al Gore, uses language straight out of the Apocalypse: 'The greatest moral, ethical, political, spiritual issue humankind has ever faced.'

Viscount Monckton, demonised by the ABC, but with 1000 supporters at his Brisbane talk earlier this year, has repeatedly challenged Gore to debate him in open forum.

So far dead silence.

The last word should go to Ian Plimer in his masterwork Heaven and Earth: the Missing Science: 'Global warmers are uplifted by believing that they have a mission to save the world ... They rely on authority, consensus and a maniacal desperation to stamp out contrary views.'

Is it any wonder their empire is crumbling?

Miami, Qld

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