Climate alarmism

Climate alarmism

Peter Donald

It was a pleasure to read William Kininmonth's reasoned defence of Cardinal Pell's statements on climate change issues in April's AD2000.

The alarmist term, "climate change" is code for "dangerous global warming caused by human carbon dioxide emissions."

Alarmist claims sponsored by the IPCC (an intergovernmental panel, not a scientific body) are based exclusively on an unquestioning belief in speculative computer models, which have been unable to even predict current temperatures since the planet's temperature hasn't increased nearly as much as forecast by the models. After the temperature peak in 1998 (a strong El Nino year), the temperature has levelled off and is now gently declining.

In the real world, despite increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide, data over the past 10 years shows:

- Global temperature has slightly declined. (There has been no warming trend for 14 years).

- The oceans are cooling slightly.

- Global sea-level rise has remained stable, with no net acceleration.

With the possibility that warming may have ceased and the case that man was responsible for much of the barely measureable warming that occurred last century being weak, one can understand the sense of urgency experienced by those with a vested interest in climate alarmism. This urgency is heightened by fear that more of the public is waking up to the scam.

The climate hysteria over a few tenths of a degree change in average world temperature last century is parroted in Australia, particularly by those who stand to gain from the man-made climate change agenda.

It is scientifically and historically illiterate to claim that climate was static for thousands of years and temperatures only increased with the onset of industrialisation. This was clearly illustrated by Mr Kininmonth. The climate will continue to change as it always has and spending billions of dollars on futile measures to stop natural climate events will only reduce our capacity to adapt to natural climate change in the future.

Canterbury, Vic

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