Clerical celibacy (letter)

Clerical celibacy (letter)

Gerard Wilson

I would like to compliment John Young on his article about the Church's discipline regarding celibacy in the priesthood ("Clerical celibacy for the sake of God's Kingdom: the Church's teaching", August AD2000).

Many of us with a keen interest in intelligently defending the Church against the constant attacks in the media and elsewhere, but do not have the time to find and read the appropriate literature, can profit enormously from such articles.

In his usual lucid and unostentatious way, John Young seems to have said all that is necessary to justify the Church's discipline on this matter. Those of us who have been used to defending clerical celibacy primarily on what he calls "secondary reasons" now know what is the biblical basis of the discipline: "Celibacy chosen for the love of God is a higher state than marriage". We also know that this has been the Church's constant and infallible teaching. All the references necessary are there to justify the claim.

This is just the sort of explanatory article most of us need to keep abreast of those inside and outside the Church who seem to have the leisure time to undermine the Church's teaching in every imaginable way.

Greensborough, Vic

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