Clarification on new Missal translation - final text has been approved

Clarification on new Missal translation - final text has been approved

Archbishop Denis Hart

Greetings from the Archdiocese!

I write with reference to your [the Editor's] lead article in AD2000 for December/January which contains two rather significant errors.

You refer to the Decree issued by Cardinal Arinze dated 23rd June 2008, granting Confirmatio for The Order of Mass, as it will appear in English when the missal is published. You have stated this version is for the USA, and contains the ICEL text incorporating suggestions from that country.

In fact, the Confirmatio was given not only to the USA and to those countries that had requested it, but also to all English-speaking countries. In Australia we received this Confirmatio even though the bishops had decided to wait until the whole Missal is ready before asking for it. The definitive text was thus sent out to all English-speaking countries at the same time. It is now available for study and preparation, pending the final date on which it will be used.

Your suggestion that the text is the ICEL text, as modified by USA suggestions, is also not accurate. The final text is the ICEL text as modified by the Congregation for Divine Worship, taking into account it own advisers (e.g., the Congregation's Vox Clara Committee) and any other comments received from Bishops' Conferences or from individual bishops.

Another point of interest is that at the November meeting of the Australian Bishops, we have approved the ICEL grey book (final) text of all of the remaining segments of the Missal, including the Proper and Common of Saints, votive and requiem Masses, appendices and introductory material.

All that remains now is the vote on the Australian Supplement (those feasts proper to Australia) in May 2009. After this, the bishops can apply to Rome for the Confirmatio of the whole Missal, and arrangements to publish will be able to proceed once the Congregation has granted Confirmatio.

I trust this is helpful.

St Patrick's Cathedral
East Melbourne, Vic

(Editor: Archbishop Denis Hart is the Australian Bishops' representative on ICEL)

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