August Magdaleno

I read the article by Bill Muehlenberg in the September AD2000 over the internet. I commend his faithfulness to the Gospel teaching on homosexuality. However, I think his use of the expression "homosexual" must have been intended to refer to "gay" - although I cannot blame him for this confusion.

I think the Catholic Church for its part should make clarifications on the distinction between homosexual and gay, because the former is a condition while the latter describes a choice of lifestyle. This distinction is used by the Catholic support group - Courage - attending to those who have concerns on homosexuality. Being a homosexual is a condition brought about by the circumstances of upbringing or environment. Therefore, I must say the term "love one another" in the Gospel includes loving and having compassion for those experiencing the homosexual condition.

Again there is a difference between a homosexual orientation and a homosexual act. Reading the article, I could not help but get some flashes of pain, as the article can be misread by those confused homosexuals who may not even know what the Church teaches regarding such a condition. The article can be interpreted by such confused homosexuals as a condemnation of all homosexuals whether they be in the lifestyle or simply struggling to be devout Chistians. And how about those who have friends or relatives experiencing homosexuality? How would they treat them in face of such confusion?

I hope AD2000 will feature such clarification, or include articles on such groups as Courage.


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