Church leadership (letter)

Church leadership (letter)

Mary Daly

Congratulations to Archbishop Pell for all he has done and is doing for the Church. He has fearlessly stood up for the Church's teachings without compromise. Australia is lucky to have a bishop as strong and orthodox as him.

Archbishop Pell has also provided leadership in matters of social justice. I am writing to ask the Archbishop to consider the plight of illegal immigrants in Australian detention centres. Whilst the Church is doing a great amount to help refugees through various organisations, it is probably time for some more direct action. Many refugees have been left in these centres for years without any hope of a positive outcome. Many who have been deported have been sent back to either certain death or torture.

If all the Christian Churches could get together and oppose Australian immigration policy, maybe something could be done. The Churches need to encourage their members not to vote for a party which imprisons innocent men, women and children without trial for indeterminate periods.

It is often said that the Coalition Government is pro-family, but there seem to be just as many abortions done under a Liberal Government as under a Labor one. Australia also seems to be repeating the "Stolen Generation" fiasco with refugees, separating children from their parents in some cases.

Australian bishops were once true leaders in society. Figures such as Moran and Mannix had great political sway. Archbishop Pell and the other Australian bishops need to make their voices heard in Australian society. Terrible injustices such as abortion and the imprisonment of illegal immigrants need to be attacked head on - not with half-hearted wimpy statements, but with real conviction. If Australia's bishops can do this, the Church will one day be strong again in Australia.

Flynn, ACT

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