Church in China

Church in China

John R. Barich

I need to take issue with Francis Vrijmoed's views on the Church in China (April AD2000).

He makes little reference to the underground Catholic Church which since 1949 has kept the Catholic faith alive without compromising with the Communist authorities who have killed and imprisoned thousands of Christians. No such treatment was ever meted out to the Catholic Church in Taiwan.

His attack on Cardinal Zen Ze-kuan, who is Archbishop of Hong Kong, is quite unwarranted. The Archdiocese of Hong Kong, in its paper The Sunday Examiner, has warned about the effect of a new ordinance calling for the establishment of School Management Committees which are considered a thinly veiled method for removing the Catholic ethos from its schools. They are fearful that the current exemption until 2012 will be removed.

Perth, WA

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