Church architecture

Church architecture

Terry Parkhouse

In St Patrick's Church, Smithtown (Lismore Diocese), built in the 1970s, the sanctuary is delineated by a raised step which is curved in plan. For many years we have stood or knelt around the sanctuary step to receive Holy Communion.

This Easter we had altar rails installed. The handrail is curved laminated blackbutt timber following the sanctuary step and is supported by white powder coated aluminium posts. In the centre are two aluminium gates with timber rail on top and featuring gold coloured crosses on each gate.

On Easter Sunday 90 percent of the communicants knelt to receive the Blessed Sacrament and this included many holiday visitors. This was such a rewarding sight for our parish priest, the designer and those involved in the installation of the rails. Church architecture does play an important part in the celebration of the Mass.

Grassy Head, NSW

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