Church architecture (letter)

Church architecture (letter)

Tom King

After suffering for decades the progressive destruction of our fine and traditional church architecture and decoration, I say "bravo" to Sidney Rofe's article (July AD2000).

At some time in the future, a gifted individual will evaluate the absolute cost of support for the Catholic Church in followers lost, as a consequence of the vandalism that masqueraded as Vatican II "reform."

Two classic examples in my home State which come to mind are the new chapel at the Mater Private Hospital and the fine St Stephen's Cathedral, Brisbane. Gone are the majority of beautiful, inspirational statues that once assisted reflection and meditation. In their place are modern, sterile, politically correct substitutes.

Even the masterpiece Stations of the Cross, with their ornate wooden frames, that were sponsored by and commemorated departed benefactors, were trashed and left to rot in a church junk yard.

We now have stick men and women 'art' which leaves the viewer with rigor mortis instead of a warm reflective glow. For my part, I find no justification for the Blessed Sacrament being relegated to a side or obscure adjunct to the church proper.

Let us see a concerted movement undertaken to reddress the influences of the ill-advised or trendy, who have contributed to the loss of atmosphere and reverence in our churches.

Elanora, Qld

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