Christmas reading from AD Books

Christmas reading from AD Books

God Is Near Us
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
In this collection of unpublished texts of lectures, pastoral letters and homilies, Cardinal Ratzinger outlines the biblical, historical and theological dimensions of the Eucharist and leads the reader into the heart of the Christian faith and its central mystery.
152 pages * Softcover * $27.00

The INCREDIBLE Da Vinci Code
Frank Mobbs
Clear, concise and penetrating, this is the ideal gift for friends or relations who believe The Da Vinci Code contains accurate history. With a movie of the book due next year, Dr Frank Mobbs' book is particularly timely.
53 pages * Softcover * $9.95

Beginning at Jerusalem
Glenn W. Olsen
This book is a practising historian's reflection on Church history. Each chapter takes up a period of Church history and examines one or more of its central developments, noting how far the Church retains her essence yet also develops.
236 pages * Softcover * $29.95

Letters to a Young Catholic
George Weigel
One of the world's leading writers on the Catholic Church, George Weigel conveys to readers the power of a faith that is both personal and universal, timely and eternal.
252 pages * Softcover * $24.95

The Spirit of the Liturgy
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
This is perhaps Cardinal Ratzinger's most important statement on the Liturgy. He discusses fundamental misunderstandings of Vatican II's intentions for liturgical renewal and examines a host of aspects of the Liturgy.
232 pages * Hardback * $40.00

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
Milestones is the autobiography of the future Pope Benedict XVI covering the period up to 1977. It tells of his family life, the years of Nazi oppression and war, his intellectual and spiritual formation, his involvement during Vatican II, and more.
156 pages * Softcover * $25.95

Catholic Christianity
Peter J. Kreeft
Using the Catechism of the Catholic Church as a basis, Peter Kreeft presents a complete compendium of all the major beliefs of Catholicism written in his readable and concise style. It is an ideal introduction or overview of the Catholic faith.
426 pages * Softcover * $35.00

The Holy Bible
This is a beautiful reprint of the famous Douay-Rheims translation of the Bible. The Old Testament translation was first published by the English College at Douay and the New Testament by the English College at Rheims in 1582.
1231 pages * Hardback * $90.00

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