Christians the most vilified group (letter)

Christians the most vilified group (letter)

Arnold Jago

A Christian believer has started legal action against Channel Seven because of the name "Jesus Christ" being used as a swear word in a crime program. He has been complaining about such things for the past five years and been fobbed off.

Last year, he took Channel Seven to the Equal Opportunity Commission, but his case was dismissed. Now he is going to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

There will be a "mediation" meeting on May 3 - then a hearing at Shepparton Court on August. Channel Seven will have lawyers. Mr van der Linden will represent himself. He says, "Christian believers are the most vilified group in this nation".

Everyone believing that people of goodwill should be protected from their beliefs being publicly ridiculed will wish him well.

Meanwhile, every time a holy name is blasphemed on TV, turn your set off and tell the TV channel what you have done and why. If we don't make an effort, things will get worse.

Mildura, Vic

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