Christian principles (letter)

Christian principles (letter)

Errol P. Duke

In the most recent controversial SA State Election, one bright light has emerged.

Despite only having been formed some six months ago, the new Family First Party has created a sense of significant political history in winning a seat in the parliamentary Upper House.

Its leader is the former Australian leader of the Assemblies of God Church, Andrew Evans, and one of the three key players behind the Party is the prominent Adelaide Catholic laywoman, Dr Toni Turnbull.

Although the party highlights the fact that it is not a "religious party", its platform of policies supports the implementation of Christian principles that address the ethics of family life and "non-destructive" issues about which many parties and politicians seem unconcerned.

Its platform includes opposition to legalised euthanasia and prostitution, zero tolerance for drug-taking and trafficking, working towards and reducing the current dependancy of government revenue on gambling - particularly poker machines - and seriously to tackle reforms of taxation, health, education and law so as to benefit the family.

In a way, it is a "resurrection" of our former predominantly Catholic DLP. Hopefully, this emergence of "Family First" in South Australia will sow seeds around the Australian continent and see God's life principles return to the rather sad secular-driven governance that prevails in our country.

Elizabeth East, SA

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