Christian models (letter)

Christian models (letter)

Brett Powell

In his knowledgeable article, "The world needs Jesus Christ and Christian models", (May AD2000), Father Sebastian Camilleri OFM emphasises the fact that the only hope for a lasting peace in the world is Jesus Christ - there is no alternative.

The history of Cain and Abel and human belligerence in general shows that our nature needs supernatural assistance to cultivate mutual love and respect. Here, God gives us His Son Jesus as a guide.

Repeated efforts, schemes, plans and strategies, without a Christian perspective, have always failed to secure lasting social harmony and peaceful relations.

Pride is the cause of human downfall. No matter how far we advance scientifically, we can never make it on our own.

Jesus waits patiently for our response to his loving invitation: "Come to me all you who labour and are burdened and I will refresh you ... The peace that I give, the world cannot give."

I thank you Father Camilleri for your inspiring articles.

Moreland, Vic

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