Christ the Creator

Christ the Creator

Gerard J. Keane

Jim Brown made an excellent observation in his letter (February AD2000). Seldom do we hear Catholic priests preach in depth about the Creator. No doubt all three divine Persons were involved in Creation, but few Catholics seem to understand that the work of Creation was carried out by the Second Person and it should not be attributed entirely to God the Father.

In modern times, it seems to be assumed that the Second Person is the Word made flesh, our gracious Redeemer, and our merciful Judge when we die. It is almost forgotten that he also carried out the work of Creation.

Consider these points:

* The Novus Ordo Mass professes that, "We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things were made".

* The Creed of the Latin Rite Mass professes that, "I believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, one in essence with the Father, and through whom all things were made".

* In the Last Gospel of the same Latin Rite Mass, we proclaim from Scripture that, "At the beginning of time the Word already was; and God had the Word abiding with him, and the Word was God. He abode, at the beginning of time, with God. It was through him that all things came into being, and without him came nothing that has come to be. He, through whom the world was made, was in the world, and the world treated him as a stranger" (John 1.1-14).

* The Litany of the Blessed Virgin contains the invocation: "Mother of our Creator, pray for us!"

If priests would preach in depth about Christ the Creator, this would help greatly to bring about genuine restoration within Catholicism. The false belief that the Bible contains errors looks quite ridiculous when one believes the Word made flesh is also our marvellous Creator and our gracious Redeemer.

God is the principal author of Scripture and thus the Bible must be totally inerrant. The whole point of Original Sin and the reason for the Redemption have been lost in modern times; the erosion of belief can be effectively countered by teaching anew about Christ the Creator who loves each of us dearly.

Lower Templestowe, Vic

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