Christ Our High Priest, by Cardinal Albert Vanhoye

Christ Our High Priest, by Cardinal Albert Vanhoye

Br Barry Coldrey

by Cardinal Albert Vanhoye

(Modotti Press/ConnorCourt Publishing, 2010, 164pp, $29.95, ISBN: 978-1-92142-153-2. Available from Freedom Publishing)

This attractively produced book offers the Spiritual Exercises given to Pope Benedict XVI and the Papal Household at their Lenten Retreat in the Vatican prior to Easter 2008. The Retreat's Director was the distinguished French Jesuit and Scripture Scholar, Cardinal Albert Vanhoye.

The Retreat Spiritual Exercises explored the Epistle to the Hebrews in exhaustive detail and outlined the priesthood of every baptised person compared and contrasted with the ministerial priesthood limited to the ordained.

Meanwhile, Father Joel Wallace, a parish priest of the Wagga Diocese, had recently returned from study leave in Rome. There, he met Cardinal Vanhoye who requested him to translate the 2008 Spiritual Exercises from Italian into English under the title of Let us Confidently Welcome Christ Our High Priest. This translation is now available in the present book.

Cardinal Vanhoye argues that the most effective way to understand the whole of the Christian message and our life in Christ is to commence by understanding our share in His priesthood. The result is a profound work, remarkable for its simplicity and accessibility.

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