Choosing life (letter)

Choosing life (letter)

Mark Whybrow

Thank you for providing uplifting articles about the Church in AD2000. The recent death of Cardinal Thomas Winning, the late Archbishop of Glasgow, has inspired me to write to you. His is another uplifting story.

In 1997 Cardinal Winning offered financial and whatever support a woman would need to choose life over death for her unborn child. The Sisters of the Gospel of Life (Our Lady & St Joseph's, 106 Dixon Avenue, Glasgow, G42 8EL, Scotland) are now established in Scotland and provide this care.

In 1990 Cardinal John O'Connor, Archbishop of New York, made a similar pledge to women facing the abortion option. Since then the Sisters of Life (198 Hollywood Avenue, Bronx, New York 10465, USA, have been established and carry out their ministry of care, including seminars and retreats.

About a year ago Bishop Patrick Dunn of Auckland made a similar commitment. The Family Life Pregnancy Centre provides assistance with the aid of the Missionary Sisters of Charity.

Do AD2000 readers know of any other similar commitments? I can be contacted at PO Box 172, Wagga Wagga 2650, NSW.


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