Children's rights

Children's rights

Arnold Jago

About Gillian Triggs, president of Australia's Human Rights Commission ... Her report on children in immigration detention describes human rights of children being breached – assaults, mental health disorders, etc.

Whoever is responsible stands condemned. Particularly whoever put them on the smuggler's boats in the first place – their parents.

Most boat-people left from Indonesia, where they weren't at life-threatening risk, unlike millions world-wide whose situations are urgently dangerous, including many Australian-born children.

In our own country, over 150,000 per year are harmed or at risk of harm from abuse and neglect -- 40,000 per year need removal from their homes.

Meanwhile Australia's citizens sit watching televised child-abuse and adult-abuse every night. Their offspring do internet games featuring beheadings and splatterings -- or message their peers that they are disgusting and should kill themselves.

Australia's whole culture is a spiritual vacuum. About this, neither Mr Turnbull nor Julie Bishop can achieve any more than Mr Abbott.

Politicians can't/won't fix it. Perhaps the Church ...?

Yes, the Church must go on the warpath defending virtue and condemning vice – in politics, in the media and (of course) in the Church itself.

Nichols Point, Vic.

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