Chavagnes International College

Chavagnes International College

Raymond De Souza

Alex Morrisson's article, "A young Catholic's encounter with Latin", made excellent reading, especially coming from such a young person. Chavagnes International College has indeed managed to bring out the best in its students, especially from the academic, religious and cultural viewpoints.

I had visited Chavagnes a couple of times to find out for myself if the College's reputation indeed corresponded with reality. The result: early in February this year three of my sons were enrolled in the College. A fourth one will enrol later in the year. To be practical, if we cannot save Australia's Catholic school system, at least we must save our own children.

May I encourage other Australian parents to consider sending their boys to Chavagnes, where they will receive a 100 per cent Catholic education. A visit to Chavagnes website will provide information on this excellent educational initiative. Alternatively, drop a line to Chavagnes Australia, PO Box 111, Forrestfield, WA 6058, to receive an informative brochure.

The College is also offering a Volunteer Internship Programme for 2005/2006. Volunteers who are prepared to give a year to God by helping a heroic Catholic education project will learn (or improve) French, meet British and French Catholics, visit Paris, Chartres, London and other places in Europe, work with children in a rewarding environment, gain valuable teaching experience, benefit from inspiring daily liturgy and a rich Catholic culture, and be part of an international Catholic community.

The College is looking for young men with an Arts or Science degree who will give a year of their time to the service of Almighty God through Catholic education. If you do not have a degree, but feel that you could help with supervision, manual work and sporting activities, please feel free to send an email or make a telephone call. For the forthcoming year the college is particularly seeking two or three young men to assist with teaching and supervision at the College from September 2005 to June 2006.

Chavagnes International College provides the airfares, board, lodging, a small weekly allowance, five hours per week of French tuition so as to make the most of your time in France, plus the opportunity to visit different parts of Europe, hosted by Catholic families connected with the College during school holidays.

Anyone interested in helping the College in this way, please send an email to: or ring (08) 9453 9177.

Perth, WA

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