Causal connection

Causal connection

Francis Young

Dr Frank Mobbs' astonishing letter in August AD2000 criticises Anne Lastman for having not "shown any causal connection between the number of abortions and the practice of contraception". He continues, "Indeed, one can suppose that the number of unwanted pregnancies due to failure to use contraceptives would have led to a greater number of abortions, that is, contraception could have reduced the abortion rate."

It floored me to see this assertion from an academically capable observer of Catholic teaching and the world since well before the 1960s.

Paul VI in Humanae Vitae predicted in 1968, among many other negatives, that the use of contraceptives would diminish the sense that every sexual act might produce a child, and consequently would see unplanned pregnancy as a failure that could be redressed with abortion. An abortion epidemic has indeed occurred as predicted, due to exactly this mentality arising from the promotion of sex without responsibility thanks to the availability of contraceptives.

Lorn NSW

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