Catholic visionary? (letter)

Catholic visionary? (letter)

Richard Congram

Unlike Stuart Blackwood (May AD2000), Grahame Fallon (June AD2000) clearly regards the late Fr Teilhard de Chardin as a most worthy, mystical Catholic visionary. The question is whether Mr Fallon's view is tenable or permissible for a Catholic in the light of historical fact. I suggest it is not.

In 1926 Teilhard's Jesuit Superiors forbade him to teach. Between 1927 and 1949 Rome refused him an imprimatur, ordered him out of his post in Paris, banned one of his works and prohibited publication of two more, forbade him to write or teach on philosophical subjects and refused him permission to take a teaching post in the College de France.

In 1955 his Superiors forbade his attendance at the International Congress of Paleontology. In 1957 the Holy Office decreed the removal of all his works from Catholic libraries, banned the sale of his works in Catholic bookshops and their translation into other languages.

In 1962 another decree of the Holy Office, under the authority of Pope John XXIII, warned that "it is obvious that in philosophical and theological matters the said works [Teilhard's] are replete with ambiguities, or rather with serious errors which offend Catholic doctrine. That is why ... the Rev Fathers of the Holy Office urge all Ordinaries, Superiors and Rectors ... to effectively protect, especially the minds of the young, against the dangers of the works of Fr Teilhard de Chardin and his followers." Again, in 1967, the Holy Office confirmed its earlier warning.

Yet in defiance of Popes Pius Xl, Pius XII, John XXIII and Paul VI, Teilhard's disciples have continued promoting his insidious doctrines which were and still are in clear conflict with the magisterium.

Sadly, even today, Teilhard is hailed by some as a latter-day Thomas Aquinas. Of course, he was nothing of the kind. He was a mutineer and, by his own admission, an apostate who deliberately remained within the Church to spread his errors more easily.

Holland Park, Qld

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