Catholic survey (letter)

Catholic survey (letter)

Joe Lopez

A.J. Philpot of Sydney (December/January AD2000) makes a sound point, charitably put. I am astounded and angered that my money is being used for a 1996 Catholic Church Life Survey, whose complete findings will not be out till 2001. That means it will not come cheaply - but worse: what's the point? Any tyke worth his salt knew the problem and the solution, at least ten years or so ago.

Having been fed pap in various forms in place of Catholic teaching and devotions for the previous fifteen years, we had what we sowed. Going to PPs, bishops, parish councils, teachers, sacramental co- ordinators is a fruitless exercise; even the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio is sympathetic - but.

The Catholic Church Life survey is another pointless way of avoiding the issue that stares any Catholic, be he bishop, PP or whoever, in the face as each less full church is visited. What I object to is the waste of my money to cloud the issue. I am not positing bad faith on anyone's part; I am well aware I don't have all the answers: God alone judges. This is speaking objectively, as best as I can see it.

My dad used to say, no dough and bang goes the show. I think that's the answer; but I haven't worked out how to starve this kind of thing, and yet feed the worthy.

Warrimoo, NSW

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