Catholic schools (letter)

Catholic schools (letter)

Elizabeth Alderton

Instead of sensationalising and bandwagonning about the supposed crisis in Catholic education, and "playing God" in your judgement of parents' motive in their sending of their children to Catholic schools, how about you pause for one moment and look at the power of the Holy Spirit at work in these microcosms of faith.

So parents don't give the "party line" for why they send their kids to Catholic schools; and yet of those specially baptised for entrance, significant numbers at secondary level respond to the teaching and the spirituality in the school with the desire to extend their sacramental participation.

Students retreat and experience [sic] some of the most profound faith experiences of their lives and staffs of almost exclusively "lost" post-Vatican II teachers carry on the mission and vision of the Church, many of them with post graduate qualifications in theology that would swamp those of the local parish priest.

Catholic schools have rigorous curriculum and opportunities for deepening of the Spirit. They are in every way living out the mission of the Church, often in circumstances of duress. Some support instead of sensationalism would be greatly appreciated by those of us at the chalk face.


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