Catholic schools

Catholic schools

Kevin McBride

I refer to an interesting article (May AD2000) by Shannon Donahoo, "Religious Education: Catholic youth have their say ".

Shannon has pinpointed the morass that pervades Catholic Education today - within my personal view and knowledge. The article is wide-ranging in scope with positive comments as well as much food for thought for those Catholics who are dissatisfied with the status-quo but meekly apathetic in accepting that "all must be alright really".

Unfortunately Shannon Donahoo would lack the influence required to bring about long-overdue changes to Catholic religious education throughout Australia. But nobody else seems to be in this position either - other than, of course, the bishops of Australia if they were to act in a united way in addressing the problems.

Until all the Australian bishops address the inadequacies of our children's religious education in Catholic schools they, and they alone, must bear a major share of responsibility for the statistics which continue to inform us that 90 per cent or more of young Catholics attending Catholic schools abandon their Faith upon leaving these schools.

Shannon deserves our thanks for this provocative but helpful analysis of our dire circumstances.

Aberfoyle Park, SA

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