Catholic learning in the liberal arts

Catholic learning in the liberal arts

Karl Schmude

A new tertiary institution, Campion College Australia, is to open in 2005. It will offer a broad undergraduate education in the Liberal Arts, in the light of Catholic truth, preparing students for life as well as the workplace.

The Campion will be an independent institution, supported by private generosity and the sacrifices of those who want a genuine alternative to the prevailing pattern of higher education in Australia.

"I support strongly the concept of Campion College, embodying as it does the notion of Catholic people fortifying and exploring their faith, and balancing as it does those many secular tertiary institutions of our society." (General Peter Cosgrove, Chief of the Australian Defence Force).

For any inquiries, please contact Karl Schmude, Executive Director, Campion Foundation: (02) 6771 5902, email:

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